Friday, May 10, 2019

Boost memory-retention with these neuroscience-backed techniques

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With so many things to do and think about, adults sometimes fail to remember crucial bits of information. While some might use fatigue or age as an excuse, there are still many ways for adults to boost their mental capacities. As a neuroengineer, Dr. Curtis Cripe continues to find ways to discover new facets to a person's brain development. Check out these techniques for better memory retention:

Avoid sleepless nights: When a person is sleep-deprived, brain function slows down causing lapses in judgment and inability to focus on tasks. A good night's rest is a scientifically-proven way to ensure better brain function. It is not just enough for a person to sleep for six to eight hours. The quality of sleep also matters. During this time, the brain consolidates memories while the rest of the body recovers.

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Consume food and supplements rich in Omega 3 and fatty acids
Experts have found out that Omega 3 and fatty acids can contribute to better brain development aside from promoting improved heart function. For those who want to boost their mind's capacity even as they age, taking these supplements and eating foods rich in these nutrients will improve information processing.

Neuroscientists like Dr. Curtis Cripe have seen a link between exercise and memory retention. Those who are at risk of neurological disorders and cognitive problems are advised to engage in regular aerobic exercise to stimulate their minds. No matter the age, medical professionals and neuroscientists encourage individuals to have an active lifestyle for better health.

Dr. Curtis Cripe played an important role in the development of the treatment programs used by NTL Group, which specializes in the treatment of learning disabilities. For more information about Dr. Cripe and his work, visit this page.

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